A-Ha: Lifelines

A-Ha: Lifelines
Title: Lifelines
Label: Rhino

Two CDs. Digitally remastered and expanded edition contains the remastered original album with bonus tracks and a second 19-track CD of early versions, demos and songs that did not make it to the final album. Lifelines, their 2002 album, proved they were back and brilliant as ever, if not even better. Time had moved on, things had grown: Magne Furuholmen was working with visual arts as well as music, Pål Waaktaar-Savoy's Band Savoy had released their fourth album Reasons to Stay Indoors (2001), and Morten Harket had developed a successful solo career and had become a songwriter on his own. "Morten had made a move to suggest we should write together," reveals Magne. "That was the beginning of a new kind of partnership." For Lifelines, each band member contributed his personal compositions to the album, which finally was produced by six different producers including Stephen Hague, Clive Langer, Alan Winstanley and Martin Landquist. Anneli Drecker gave her beautiful voice to some of the songs. As their most varied, versatile and multicolored album, Lifelines gained international critical respect and went #1 in Germany.

1.1 Lifelines (2019 Remaster)
1.2 You Wanted More (2019 Remaster)
1.3 Forever Not Yours (2019 Remaster)
1.4 There's a Reason for It (2019 Remaster)
1.5 Time and Again (2019 Remaster)
1.6 Did Anyone Approach You? (2019 Remaster)
1.7 Afternoon High (2019 Remaster)
1.8 Oranges on Appletrees (2019 Remaster)
1.9 A Little Bit (2019 Remaster)
1.10 Less Than Pure (2019 Remaster)
1.11 Turn the Lights Down (2019 Remaster)
1.12 Cannot Hide (2019 Remaster)
1.13 White Canvas (2019 Remaster)
1.14 Dragonfly (2019 Remaster)
1.15 Solace (2019 Remaster)
1.16 Did Anyone Approach You? (Tore Johannson Remix)
1.17 Time and Again (Langer ; Wainstanley Version)
1.18 Lifelines (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix)
2.1 Lifelines (Demo)
2.2 You Wanted More (Demo)
2.3 Forever Not Yours (Demo)
2.4 There's a Reason for It (Demo)
2.5 The Breakers
2.6 Time and Again (Demo)
2.7 Did Anyone Approach You? (Demo)
2.8 Afternoon High (Demo)
2.9 Oranges on Appletrees (Early Mix)
2.10 Sole Survivor
2.11 Less Than Pure (Demo)
2.12 To Show It is to Blow It
2.13 Turn the Lights Down (Demo)
2.14 Cannot Hide (Demo)
2.15 There's a Reason for It
2.16 One in a Million (Demo)
2.17 Dragonfly (Demo)
2.18 Solace (Early Version)
2.19 Differences (Demo)

A-Ha: Lifelines

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