A Hawk and a Hacksaw

A Hawk and a Hacksaw: A Hawk and A Hacksaw

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Title: A Hawk and A Hacksaw
Label: Leaf

With it's self-titled debut, a Hawk & a Hacksaw provides a new musical outlet for nomad and former Neutral Milk Hotel drummer Jeremy Barnes, who has paired with violin player Heather Trost for a set that balances a modernist experimental sensibility with a playful vintage vibe. Recorded in both the Elephant 6 home base of Athens, Georgia, and in France, the album clearly is inspired more by the latter locale, with old-world European flourishes gilding many songs, most notably the lively, accordion-led 'Romceasca' and 'A Hard Row to Hoe,' both of which could have fit nicely on Yann Tiersen's lauded Amelie soundtrack.

1.1 Jacknuggeted
1.2 Ol
1.3 Thistles and Felt
1.4 Seaweed
1.5 All Along the Tide
1.6 Black Firs
1.7 Cotton Woods
1.8 At Dusk
1.9 Quand Le Son Devient Aigu, Jeter la Girafe la Mer
1.10 To Pine in Time
1.11 A Kernel
1.12 A Hawk and a Hacksaw
1.13 With Our Thoughts We Make the World

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