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The M...: Il: Limited Edition

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The M...

Artist: The M...
Title: Il: Limited Edition

Limited edition version includes three bonus tracks plus a 32-page booklet. After the album "Mister Mystère" sold 300,000 copies, the live "Seasons of passage" (150 000 ex.), "A Monster in Paris" (150 000 ex.), Guitar hero's adventures continue with French ultra pop album, very direct focus where all the advantages of the artist: generosity, talent melodic gimmicks unstoppable. M-plays almost all instruments and indulges in the enthusiasm of a return enjoyable, fun and more uninhibited than ever, while keeping intact a sense of complicity, a unique poetry. The game, the joy of course, but the emotion is never far away and a certain idea of ?"living together" flush still on many songs. This is the force - M, assuming limitless desire to share experience sensations and feelings with the same intensity. His first single "Mojo" is already well supported by radio. And rendezvous with the scene is already taken by early 2013. Welcome to the "it"! Universal. 2012.

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