Aaaron & Deckert / Valentine

Aaaron & Deckert / Valentine: L.D.O.E

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Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Title: L.D.O.E
Label: Connected
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Original and "Dub": Aaaron joins forces with newcomers Deckert and singer Valentine to unveil the new title track for Connected. While Aaaron provides a sub heavy African inspired groove pattern and combines it with Deckert's intense harmonies, Valentine finishes off the track with her touching voice performance and lyrics that are both melancholic and deep. Floyd Lavine's "African Techno Mix" and "African Techno Dub": Floyd soaks up everything that was happy, bright, and ancestral and pushes it straight into the void twisting it into a hypnotic techno chant. Perfect for a rough peak-time approach or the early morning hours.

1.1 L.D.O.E. (Feat. Valentine)
1.2 L.D.O.E. (Feat. Valentine) [Dub Version]
1.3 L.D.O.E. (Feat. Valentine) [Floyd Lavine's African Techno Mix]
1.4 L.D.O.E. (Feat. Valentine) [Floyd Lavine's African Techno Dub]

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