Abigor: Hollenzwang: Chronicles Of Perdition

Abigor: Hollenzwang: Chronicles Of Perdition
Title: Hollenzwang: Chronicles Of Perdition
Label: Avantgarde Music

Abigor personality is intact after 25 years of activity, and let me tell you: they keep as creative and nasty as they were in the past. Their insight is brutal and aggressive, but always using a great range of morbid melodies created by the guitars and some experimental parts. The vocals are using a vast range of morbid and shrieked voices, what can be difficult for some fans to swallow at the first hearing, but soon you'll be used to them and drawn into their macabre dark world. As in their early days, ABIGOR still searches for a sound quality that can bind their Black Metal essence with a comprehensive level of clarity. Obviously their music sounds filthy and raw as a Black Metal band must be, but always having in mind that they aren't like the others that follow, but leaders that can create whatever they want with their music, and it is what their sound quality shows. We can say that, besides not credited, ABIGOR is as important to Black Metal as names like BURZUM, DARKTHRONE and some others, because they created something for them on the 90s. And "All Hail Darkness and Evil" (an aggressive and introspective song, with funereal moments and fast ones, adorned with fine sinister melodies), the dense and macabre tempos of "Sword of Silence", the experimental touches presented on "The Cold Breath of Satan", the creative harmonies that fills "None Before Him" (what monstrous guitar riffs and nasty vocals), the darkened and morbid slow tempos and raw melodies of "Olden Days" (but pay attention as bass guitar and drums creates a good and technical rhythmic sound mass), the massive holocaust made music of "Hymn to the Flaming Void" (this one has a more classical Black Metal insight on ABIGOR's way), and the Gregorian hellish chants on "Christ's Descent Into Hell" can be pointed as their finest blasphemies on "Höllenzwang (Chronicles of Perdition)

1.1 All Hail Darkness and Evil
1.2 Sword of Silence
1.3 Black Death Sathanas - Our Lord's Arrival
1.4 The Cold Breath of Satan
1.5 None Before Him
1.6 Olden Days
1.7 Hymn to the Flaming Void
1.8 Christ's Descent Into Hell
1.9 Ancient Fog of Evil

Abigor: Hollenzwang: Chronicles Of Perdition

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