Abiogenesi: Io Sono Il Vampiro

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Abiogenesi

Title: Io Sono Il Vampiro
Label: Black Widow

4th album by Tony D'Urso, this album is the soundtrack of the Italian horror movie I Am a Vampire in the usual dark prog style but also exploring a more psychedelic touches with the addition of great cover versions of 'Never Let Go' (Camel), 'Lady in Black' (Uriah Heep) and 'Mary Clark' (Black Widow) and with the help of Marco Cimino (keys) and Gigi Venegoni (guitars) from 70's Italian band Arti e Mestieri... beautiful artwork made by Anna Ferrari in gatefold cover. Black Widow. 2005.

1.1 Io Sono Il Vampiro
1.2 Leandro
1.3 Di Nero Vestita - Lady in Black
1.4 Vampire Blues
1.5 Amico Ti Penso - Never Let Go
1.6 Aseolta I Sogni
1.7 Lontano
1.8 Infinito
1.9 Belfagor
1.10 Sex Vampire
1.11 Mary Clark
1.12 Sabba Vampire

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