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Abisko Lights: Point Of View

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Artist: Abisko Lights

Artist: Abisko Lights
Title: Point Of View

The band name refers to a small town in the Swedish Lapland north of the Arctic Circle, where you can follow the fascinating spectacle of the Northern Lights particularly well. The name thus represents the musical program by Flataus and his companions, to be inspired by magical places and the memories evoked by them. Musicians, and especially jazz musicians, are always travelers and seekers, musically as well as geographically. Dirk Flatau's own personal impressions turn "Point of View" into a musical road movie, in literally transboundary soundscapes. Be it magical moments like camping on the lake in the endless forests of Scandinavia and spending the night in the Egyptian desert or even just a memorable, never-ending bar-talk and a heartfelt evening alone on his balcony on Berlin's Sonnenallee. Together they follow Flatau's paths on "Point of View". The process of creating the album differs pleasantly from so many others who are quickly recorded before and for a tour: "Before we went to the studio, we played the pieces so often until we really internalized the music and found the right mood and energy for everything", Flatau reports. You can directly hear that. Together, the five dramatic melodic lines mix Arabic elements in the triolic "Assam Special Blend", listen to minimalistic individual notes on the title track or follow the cheerful prancing dance of the eponymous play "Abisko Lights", where Daerr shines on the carillon. Sometimes it sounds like great film music, sometimes like an Erik Satie miniature. Everyone is allowed to open new sound spaces, effortlessly moving between composition and improvisation. Piece by piece, enchanting music is created, which is allowed to boast of it's beauty.

1.1 Good Night Berlin
1.2 Assam Special Blend
1.3 Four Days in November
1.4 Point of View
1.5 Abisko Lights
1.6 Fjäril
1.7 Crescent
1.8 Nocturne

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