Abstract Orchestra: Dilla

Abstract Orchestra: Dilla
Title: Dilla
Label: Ata Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Led by Saxophonist Rob Mitchell, Abstract Orchestra seeks to reflect the diversity of music sampled by Hip-Hop producers by presenting music that has the complexity of jazz, framed within the simpler structures of hip-hop. Dilla is a tribute to the work of the highly acclaimed and influential producer. Opener "Welcome to Detroit/The Diary" takes the the vocal sample from Isaac Hayes's "Man's Temptation" and places it against lush brass and driving beats while "Workinonit" transplants the original 10cc guitar samples from the Dilla original onto biting trumpets and aggressive saxes, underpinned as always by Joost Hendrickx's on point drumming. On "Stop" vocalist Anna Uhuru handles the Dionne Warwick vocal with assurance while the band lay down an arrangement that is reminiscent of the work of David Axelrod and Don Sebeskey, both big sources of inspiration for Abstract Orchestra.

1.1 Welcome to Detroit/The Diary
1.2 Workinonit
1.3 Stop
1.4 Dilla Mix 1
1.5 Dilla Mix 2
1.6 Raw Shit
1.7 Official/Fall in Love
1.8 Fantastic
1.9 Love
1.10 So Far to Go
1.11 Angel
1.12 Love Jones
1.13 King
1.14 Sun in My Face
1.15 Two Can Win

Abstract Orchestra: Dilla

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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