Accept: Blind Rage

Accept: Blind Rage
Title: Blind Rage
Label: Nuclear Blast Americ

In the history of heavy metal, not many bands can claim to be able to celebrate their breakthrough twice. Accept managed this four years ago after returning with their reunion record BLOOD OF THE NATIONS. Now BLIND RAGE, the latest installment in this amazing return is ready to write history once more. The band's creative streak has delivered a thunderstorm of riffs. Besides the 'red-Accept-line', as the band likes to call it, the only goal was to 'remain interesting.' Another factor that has turned into an Accept trademark is the voice of singer Mark Tornillo. With the course of the three albums, he has grown into his role as front man of these 'teutonic terrors.'

1.1 Stampede
1.2 Dying Breed
1.3 Dark Side of My Heart
1.4 Fall of the Empire
1.5 Trail of Tears
1.6 Wanna Be Free
1.7 200 Years
1.8 Bloodbath Mastermind
1.9 From the Ashes We Rise
1.10 The Curse
1.11 Final Journey

Accept: Blind Rage

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