Ace of Base: Happy Nation [140-Gram Clear Vinyl]

Ace of Base: Happy Nation [140-Gram Clear Vinyl]
Title: Happy Nation [140-Gram Clear Vinyl]
Label: Demon/Edsel
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited 140gm clear vinyl LP pressing with printed inner sleeve. Happy Nation the 1992 debut studio album by Ace of Base. They are one of the most successful pop groups who ruled the charts in the 1990s, producing inescapable pop singles, including 10 UK top 40 singles. Hits include; #1 world wide chart topper 'All That She Wants', alongside 'The Sign', 'Don't Turn Around', 'Wheel of Fortune' and 'Living In Danger', all featured on this release.

1.1 All That She Wants
1.2 Don't Turn Around
1.3 Young and Proud
1.4 The Sign
1.5 Living in Danger
1.6 Voulez Vous Danser
1.7 Happy Nation
1.8 Hear Me Calling
1.9 Waiting for Magic [Total Remix 7"]
1.10 Fashion Party
1.11 Wheel of Fortune
1.12 Dancer in a Daydream
1.13 My Mind [Mindless Mix]
1.14 All That She Wants [Bhangra Version]

Ace of Base: Happy Nation [140-Gram Clear Vinyl]

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