Acid Mothers Temple & Melting Paraiso U.F.O.

Acid Mothers Temple & Melting Paraiso U.F.O.: Wandering the Outer Space

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Wandering the Outer Space
Label: Buh Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

For the first time on vinyl, Wandering The Outer Space marks a new period in the sound of the Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O., thanks to the incorporation of new members. Released on CD during the first South American tour of the Japanese masters of psychedelia, Wandering The Outer Space is released here on LP format. The band at the time of this recording were: Jyonson Tsu (voice, midnight whistler), Kawabata Makoto (guitar, bouzouki, fretless bass, organ, synthesizer, tapes, speed guru), Higashi Hiroshi (synthesizer, noodle god), Mitsuko Tabata (guitar, guitar-synthesizer, voice, kisses & hugs), Satoshima Nani (drums, another dimension), Wolf (bass, tapes, space and time), and Cotton Casino (voice, astral mama)."Buh Records has injected kind of Krautrock-flavored exaggerated, sadistic, sexadelic speed addiction titled Wandering The Outer Space by legendary Japanese psychedelic rock band. Exactly as before, plenty of distorted, dissected guitar explosions by Makoto and Mitsuko (Mitsuru), violent, offensive, a tad gentle space-synthesizer blasters, and critical plus serious rhythm section-oriented spacequakes can be heard on a full stomach, veiled in a delightful sleeve with such a colorful, hyperdynamic pic upon it." -Keishiro Maki Progarchives

1.1 Anthem of the Outer Space (15:41)
1.2 Golgotha 13 Chaise Électrique (6:57)
2.1 The Targeted Planet (8:26)
2.2 Forsaken Moonman (11:22)

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