Action: Shadows & Reflections: Complete Recordings 1964-1968

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Action

Title: Shadows & Reflections: Complete Recordings 1964-1968
Label: Grapefruit

UK four CD digibook. Sixties Mod band The Action only released six singles in their lifetime - or seven, if you count a pre-Action single by The Boys - but their legend has grown exponentially since their demise in 1968. The Action was the first band signed by Beatles producer George Martin after he left EMI to set up his own company AIR Productions. In due course, he produced the band's five singles issued on Parlophone between 1965 and 1967 as well as tracks intended for a never-released album. Shadows And Reflections is far and away the most comprehensive tribute to The Action so far assembled, boasting all their known recordings in the studio and live on radio/TV. Many of the original Parlophone single mixes have never been reissued in their original form on compact disc - until now. The fresh discovery of multi-tracks and rehearsal tapes has led to a whole disc's worth of previously unheard mixes and performances. The box set includes numerous photos of The Action in their heyday, with 16,000 words of sleeve-notes by David Wells and a 36-page booklet within a handsome digibook. Includes all previous material issued from the band's BBC sessions and post-Parlophone period, suitably remastered by Alec Palao.

1.1 Land of One Thousand Dances
1.2 In My Lonely Room
1.3 I'll Keep Holding on
1.4 Hey Sah-Lo-Ney
1.5 Baby You've Got It
1.6 Since I Lost My Baby
1.7 Never Ever
1.8 Twentyfourth Hour
1.9 Shadows and Reflections
1.10 Something Has Hit Me
1.11 The Harlem Shuffle
1.12 Wasn't It You
1.13 The Place
1.14 The Cissy
1.15 I Love You (Yeah!)
1.16 Come on, Come with Me
1.17 Just Once in My Life (New Mono Mix)
1.18 Mine Exclusively (BBC Session)
1.19 Reg King Interview / Baby You've Got It (BBC Session)
1.20 Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While) (BBC Session)
1.21 I See You (BBC Session)
1.22 Shadows and Reflections (BBC Session)
2.1 I'll Keep Holding on
2.2 The Cissy
2.3 Never Ever
2.4 Since I Lost My Baby
2.5 Shadows and Reflections
2.6 Hey Sah-Lo-Ney
2.7 Something Has Hit Me
2.8 Baby You've Got It
2.9 I Love You (Yeah!)
2.10 Wasn't It You
2.11 The Harlem Shuffle
2.12 The Place
2.13 Twentyfourth Hour
2.14 Come on, Come with Me
2.15 Just Once in My Life
2.16 Something Has Hit Me (Rehearsal)
2.17 I Love You (Yeah)
2.18 (Backing Track Take 1)
2.19 Never Ever (Rehearsal)
2.20 Come on, Come with Me
2.21 (Backing Track Take 4)
2.22 Twentyfourth Hour (Alternative Version)
2.23 The Place (Backing Track Take 2)
2.24 Just Once in My Life (Take 2)
2.25 Something Has Hit Me (Alternative Backing Track)
2.26 Shadows and Reflections (Backing Track)
3.1 Come Around
3.2 Something to Say
3.3 Love Is All
3.4 Icarus
3.5 Strange Roads
3.6 Things You Cannot See
3.7 Brain (Full Length Version)
3.8 Look at the View
3.9 Climbing Up the Wall (See Me) (Full Length Vers.)
3.10 Really Doesn't Matter (Full Length Version)
3.11 I'm a Stranger
3.12 Little Boy (Full Length Version)
3.13 Follow Me
3.14 In My Dream (George Martin Orchestrated Version)
3.15 Only Dreaming
3.16 Dustbin Full of Rubbish
3.17 An Understanding Love
3.18 My Favourite Day
3.19 A Saying for Today
3.20 In My Dream (Demo Version)
4.1 It Ain't Fair - the Boys
4.2 I Want You - the Boys
4.3 Fine Looking Girl - the Boys
4.4 Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue) (Decca Audition)
4.5 In My Lonely Room (Decca Audition)
4.6 You'll Want Me Back (Decca Audition)
4.7 I'll Keep Holding on (Live)
4.8 Land of One Thousand Dances / Uptight (Everything's Alright) (Live)
4.9 Going to a Go-Go (BBC Session)
4.10 Never Ever (BBC Session)
4.11 India (BBC Session)
4.12 Love Is All (BBC Session)
4.13 I'll Keep Holding on ("Edsel" Mix)
4.14 Baby You've Got It ("Edsel" Mix)
4.15 The Harlem Shuffle ("Edsel" Mix)
4.16 Just Once in My Life ("Edsel" Mix)
4.17 Never Ever ("Edsel" Mix)
4.18 Twentyfourth Hour ("Edsel" Mix)
4.19 Something Has Hit Me ("Edsel" Mix)
4.20 Shadows and Reflections ("Edsel" Mix)

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