Adam Larson: With Love, from Chicago

Adam Larson: With Love, from Chicago
Title: With Love, from Chicago
Label: Outside in Music

This adventurous trio recording marks the first of a recorded trilogy that Larson plans to release over the next 18 months. Each consecutive release will feature the incomparable saxophonist alongside a new chordless trio, surrendering the support of harmonic accompaniment for the freedom and melodic interplay associated with trio outings of this nature. On With Love, From Chicago, Larson explores his relationship with a city where he gained the confidence to develop into the artist that he is today. On this release, Larson is joined by two of Chicago's finest instrumentalists, bassist Clark Sommers and drummer Dana Hall.

1.1 Angolan Babysitter
1.2 The Time You Forgot You Knew
1.3 Kansas to Chicago
1.4 In Waiting
1.5 We See
1.6 Twirl
1.7 Portrait of Jennie
1.8 Root Fruit
1.9 Tierney's Song
1.10 Firestarter

Adam Larson: With Love, from Chicago

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