Adam & the Ants: Kings of the Wild Frontier

Adam & the Ants: Kings of the Wild Frontier
Title: Kings of the Wild Frontier
Label: Sony BMG Europe

Digitally remastered and expanded jewel cased edition of the theatrical New Wave act's 1980 album. After semi-successful indie releases and the Goth-Post-Punk album Dirk Wears White Sox, Adam changed course and set sail towards the charts. His mixture of Glam, Pop and ethnic rhythms created quite a stir in the press and made him a bona-fide star in the UK. Features 18 tracks including 'Dog Eat Dog', 'Los Rancheros', 'Ant music' and the title track plus six bonus tracks, 'Ant music' (Alternate Mix), 'Ant music' (demo version), 'Feed Me to the Lions' (Demo), 'Los Rancheros' (demo version 3), 'Human Beings' (unreleased demo version) and 'The Omelet from Outer Space' (unreleased demo). Includes expanded album artwork & 12-page booklet with many rare or unseen photos. Jewel box comes housed within a slipcase. Columbia.

1.1 Dog Eat Dog
1.2 Antmusic
1.3 Feed Me to the Lions
1.4 Los Rancheros
1.5 Ants Invasion
1.6 Killer in the Home
1.7 Kings of the Wild Frontier
1.8 The Magnificent Five
1.9 Don't Be Square (Be There)
1.10 Jolly Roger
1.11 Making History
1.12 The Human Beings
1.13 Antmusic (Alt. Mix)
1.14 Antmusic (Demo Version)
1.15 Feed Me to the Lions (Demo Version)
1.16 Human Beings (Unreleased Demo Version)
1.17 S.E.X. (Unreleased Demo Version)
1.18 The Omlette from Outer Space (Unreleased Song de

Adam & the Ants: Kings of the Wild Frontier

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