Admiralty Band of the Leningrad Naval Base: Marches Of The Russian Empire

Admiralty Band of the Leningrad Naval Base: Marches Of The Russian Empire
Title: Marches Of The Russian Empire
Label: Northern Flowers

Recorded on this release by the Admiralty Band (the best military band in Russia!) are fast marches, which were well-known by the early 20th century in military bands' repertoires, but were not regimental marches. They were composed in different countries at different times, and on different occasions - German/Prussian, Austrian, Danish, French, and Russian marches. The recordings cover a great time period, from the early 19th century to the turn of the 20th century.

1.1 Franz Von Blon;Soldaten Blut (Soldiers' Spirit), 1895
1.2 Karl Bratfisch;Steinmetz Marsch, 1866
1.3 Johann Heinrich Walch;Pariser Einzugsmarsch (Entry Into Paris), 1814
1.4 Franz Von Blon;Standartenträger-Marsch (Standard Bearers), Op.192
1.5 Johann Nepomuk Král;Hoch Habsburg (The Hapsburg March), Op.86
1.6 Julius Lehnhardt;S?hneidige Truppe (The Daring Troops), Op.17
1.7 Hans Christian Lumbye;Kong Frederik Den Syvendes Honneur Marsch (Honour March), 1861
1.8 Ludwig Minkus;Roxanne, the Beauty of Montenegro (1878)
1.9 Julius Fucík;Schneidig Vor (Bravely Forward), Op.79
1.10 The Old Chasseurs March (Trad, Unattrib.), 1813-15
1.11 Robert Planquette;Le Régiment de Sambre Et Meuse (Sambre and Meuse March), 1879
1.12 Cesare Pugni;The Little Hump-Backed Horse, 1864
1.13 F. Romain;Sonnez Clairons (Sound You Trumpets), 1893
1.14 Carl Unrath;König-Karl-Marsch (King Karl), 1868
1.15 Philipp Fahrbach Jr.;Ausstellungs-Marsch / Salut À Copenhague, Op.263, 1888
1.16 Wilhelm Legrand;Bayerischen Grenadier-Garde (Bavarian March)
1.17 Karl Hauschild ;Frohsinn Marsch (Parade March), 1869
1.18 Alexey F. Lvov;68th Borodinsky Infantry Guards March, 1839
1.19 Ivan Chapievsky;Borodinsky Regimental March
1.20 Jean-Baptiste Lully;God Save the Tsar Ceremonial Music, Composed Before 1832
1.21 General Muster Ceremonial Music, (Composed Before 1832)
1.22 Ceremonial Retreat Ceremonial Music, (Composed Before 1832)
1.23 Dmitry Bortnyansky;The Lord in Zion Reigneth Ceremonial Music
1.24 Erik Eriksson;Marsch Aus Petersburg (From Petersburg)
1.25 Vasily Agapkin;Farewell of Slavianka March, 1912

Admiralty Band of the Leningrad Naval Base: Marches Of The Russian Empire

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