Aethereus: The Abnegation

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Artist: Aethereus

Artist: Aethereus
Title: The Abnegation

2018 release. As a relatively new band, Aethereus breathes new life into the death metal scene with a beautiful blend of ferocity and melody with their debut full length album Absentia. The dynamics of the album are quite extraordinary, ranging from acoustic passages and epic orchestral sections, to full on blast beat shred brutality, guaranteed to take listeners on an adventure! Aethereus began as a collaboration project between three friends and like-minded musicians. In Spring of 2016, drummer Matt Behner (Fully Consumed/Year of Desolation) joined the ranks following the untimely passing of bass player, Shaun Hansen. With the additions of vocalist Vance Bratcher (The Devils of Loudon/Six Days of Darkness) and bassist Scott Hermanns (The Devils of Loudon/Blood and Thunder) the lineup became complete. With renewed fervor and vehemence, the band is moving forward with a singular focus and began working on this release.

1.1 Cascades of Light
1.2 Writhe
1.3 Mortal Abrogation
1.4 Fluorescent Halls of Decay
1.5 Absentia
1.6 That Which Is Left Behind
1.7 The Black Circle
1.8 With You, I Walk
1.9 The Pale Beast

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