Afk & Bludwork

Afk & Bludwork: Loyalty N Service

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Artist: Afk & Bludwork

Artist: Afk & Bludwork
Title: Loyalty N Service
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

South Cali classmates AFK and Bludwork come from oceans apart - South Korea and Georgia, respectively - but their intertwined friendship and singular musical chemistry are proof that true vibe unions transcend geography. The pair initially bonded over teacher pranks and 420 habits before rendezvousing off campus to link rigs and jam live electronics, eventually culminating in the six smog-smeared low-key bangers comprising their vinyl debut, Loyalty N Service. Alternately coastal and concrete, the songs slide between smoky sunset house ("Akina Memory," "That Pain") and funked up warehouse bass ("No Equal," "Searchin"), tag-teaming melody, MIDI, and drum machinery into compelling composites of Pacific motion and emotion. Blud is blunt about their bond: "AFK is one of my most cherished friends; I'd do anything for this guy." This is music from the heart and for the heads, pensive and propulsive, loose and liquid, raw and rising. "One of our biggest inspirations is the Rush Hour films. We're the best Black and Asian duo since those guys."Mastered by Eric Hanson. Sleeve design by Britt Brown.

1.1 No Equal
1.2 Akina Memory
1.3 That Pain
1.4 Stuffed Crust
1.5 Searchin
1.6 Get Personal

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