Africa: Ipi Ntombi

Africa: Ipi Ntombi
Title: Ipi Ntombi
Label: Prestige Elite

Subtitled - the African Musical Celebration. This hit musical was first performed in Johannesburg in the early 70s. The songs were originally written for Eartha Kitt who was touring South Africa & wanted to sing songs of African origin. Ultimately, the songs were not used by Kitt, but composers Bertha Egnos & Gail Lakier were contacted by Australian promoters to transform the songs for a stage production to celebrate the South African way of life. Prestige Elite. 2002.

1.1 Bafana Lusani
1.2 Wanuki
1.3 Moriva
1.4 Korbisha
1.5 Festival Song
1.6 Mother Mary
1.7 I Go in Search-Mdudu
1.8 Musicians
1.9 Shosholoza
1.10 Four Imported Porters
1.11 I'm Just a Woman
1.12 He Mama
1.13 Ipi Tombi
1.14 Song of Hope (I Believe)
1.15 Gospel Song
1.16 Mama Thembu's Wedding
1.17 Baby Baby
1.18 Phata Phata
1.19 Xhosa Wedding Song
1.20 Tula Baby (Lullaby)
1.21 Warrior
1.22 Warrior (Reprise)

Africa: Ipi Ntombi

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