Agathocles: Humarrogance

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Agathocles

Title: Humarrogance
Label: Selfmadegod Records

5th studio album of Agathocles recorded in famous Soundshape Studios in 1997 and originally released by cult German label Morbid Records. Now reissued with completely new cover art and layout. A must have for fans of old Agathocles!

1.1 Humarrogance
1.2 Because
1.3 Model Citizen
1.4 Let's Feel Alright
1.5 As Years Pass By
1.6 It Bothers Me
1.7 One-Day-Fly
1.8 White Horse
1.9 Ain't I'
1.10 Beam Me Up, Scotty
1.11 Ice Brick
1.12 Culture Of Degradation
1.13 Closed Down
1.14 Alright, Let's Feel
1.15 Kneel And Pay
1.16 Failure'
1.17 I Can't Stand
1.18 Smelling The Odours Of Death
1.19 The Bastards Have Landed
1.20 Mince Core
1.21 2344-The Dark Ages Revived

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