Agents of Time

Agents of Time: Emperor

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Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Agents of Time

Title: Emperor
Label: Correspondant
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Agents of Time follow their 2014 debut Polina EP (CORR 028EP) (played by Dixon, Tale of Us, Agoria, et al.), with Emperor. Emperor plows a grand and emotional furrow, but with a driving techno aesthetic. Metamorfosi is a deeper affair, building to a tense, spectral conclusion simultaneously dramatic and heart-wrenching. The minimal Hydra manages to be both dubbed-out and theatrical, with skittering, shuffling percussion. Nazgul continues Correspondant's tradition of left-field house exemplified by label artist Andre Bratten's Tromer Og Bass (Compilation 02 Sampler 2, CORR 025EP, 2014), but with added horror soundtrack flair that only the Italians can truly bring.

1.1 A1. Emperor
1.2 A2. Metamorfosi
1.3 B1. Nazgul
1.4 B2. Hydra

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