Agitation Free

Agitation Free: Shibuya Nights

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Agitation Free

Title: Shibuya Nights
Label: Made in Germany Musi

„... finest German Prog Rock, from year one, like we used to love, in modern shape: entwined melodic ornaments, dramatic breaks, intricate and elaborate, endless dynamic gains, electronic storms, spheric sounds, cosmic feelings... highly recommended, not only for "Krautrock"-Lovers!" (Rocktimes) In 2007 three concerts were recorded in Shibuya O'West/Tokyo, finally mixed into this outstanding album. A more than 70-minutes time travel back to the 70's, filigree and majestic. A matchless mixture of spacy-psychedelic "Krautrock" and Ethno-Music. Agitation Free proves again on this album that they are one of the most important representatives of the so-called "Berlin School" (beneath "Tangerine Dream", "Klaus Schulze" or "Ashra Tempel". This special edition contains a Bonus-DVD with concert footage from Berlin and the „Burg Herzberg Festival" 2013.

1.1 You Play for Us Today
1.2 Sahara City
1.3 In the Silence of the Morning Sunrise
1.4 Shibuya Nights
1.5 First Communication
1.6 Dialogue ; Random
1.7 Ala Tul
1.8 Laila
1.9 Nomads
1.10 Quiet Walk
1.11 Das Kleine Uhrwerk
1.12 Malesch
1.13 Drifting
1.14 Rücksturz
2.1 Ala Tul [Berlin, Kesselhaus, 23.04.2013] [*]
2.2 Laila [Berlin, Kesselhaus, 23.04.2013] [*]
2.3 Shibuya Nights [Berlin, Kesselhaus, 23.04.2013] [*]
2.4 Nomads [Burg Herzberg Festival, 19.07.2013] [*]
2.5 In Da Jungl [Burg Herzberg Festival, 19.07.2013] [*]
2.6 Rücksturz [Burg Herzberg Festival, 19.07.2013] [*]

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