Aiming for Enrike

Aiming for Enrike: Music For Working Out

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Aiming for Enrike
Title: Music For Working Out
Product Type: VINYL LP

It's safe to say that Aiming for Enrike's fame is mostly thanks to their frenetic, wild and engaging live shows - having toured extensively in USA, India, Japan, Czech Republic, Norway, England and Germany for several years. Somewhere along the way a misconception has emerged that their music only works in a live setting. On the upcoming album Music for Working Out, they firmly quash this fallacy. Aiming for Enrike used to experiment with noisy musical transformations and frenetic sonic attacks, but now they are shifting their focus towards the club and the dancefloor. The result is more futuristic, funky and increasingly communal. This time, the sources of inspiration include artists as contrasting as Talking Heads, Jon Hopkins, ABBA and Mr. Oizo, as well as movies and series such as Stranger Things, Blade Runner and Interstellar. Are you already imagining how it sounds? Where the former album, Las Napalmas, was a musical whirlwind you could not escape, Aiming for Enrike have now created supersonic techno-tunes that work similarly well in the club and in your earphones as on stage. Either way, it's a party, and the duo still sounds like nothing you've heard before.

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