Burns, Aisha: Life in the Midwater

Aisha Burns: Life in the Midwater
Title: Life in the Midwater
Label: Western Vinyl
Product Type: VINYL LP

US LP pressing. Often when you're in your mid-20's heavy realities start to settle in. Relationships that seemed like they'd last forever lose their spark, your aspirations and self-perception shift, you marvel at friends your age getting married and having babies, and you feel powerless and small, realizing that people you've known and loved for a lifetime can suddenly die. It's a serious psychological shakeup, made even more difficult if your frontal cortex hasn't fully matured yet. It's a beast, a mountain, a wall, or as in Kubrick's 2001 a Space Odyssey, a mysterious obelisk that pushes you to evolve... like it or not. For better or worse, parts of US die, new parts come to life, and if we're lucky we emerge smarter, stronger, and more resilient. It's no surprise that for ages we've felt a deep sense of connection with music, art, and films inspired by this metamorphosis. Aisha Burns' Life in the Midwater provides a snapshot of the rough stuff, but with a delicate sensitivity and wisdom beyond her years. Burns' contributions as the violinist and occasional vocalist for the Austin band Balmorhea belie a nuanced songwriting prowess, and a dynamic and powerful voice. The album's title references a deep dark layer of the ocean that flows far below the surface, and just above what we call the deeps sea. Bioluminescent jellyfish often inhabit this layer of the ocean, emitting mysterious flashes of light despite the risk of exposing themselves to potential predators. Similarly Aisha's songs are dreamlike beacons in the inky abyss.

1.1 Sold
1.2 Midwater
1.3 Shel Ly
1.4 Gatekeeper
1.5 Di Scerpo
1.6 Requiem
1.7 Mine to Bear
1.8 Des T Royer
1.9 Nothing

Burns, Aisha: Life in the Midwater

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