Al Atkins

Al Atkins: Classic Albums Vol 1

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Al Atkins

Title: Classic Albums Vol 1
Label: Bat Country

Two CD set containing a pair of albums from the metal vocalist. Reloaded is a collection tracks from the last four decades, that Al has either written or performed from his days in Judas Priest to his last live band Holy Rage. It features special guest appearances: with Ian Hill of Judas Priest, (who performed on the original recordings of some of these classics like Victim Of Changes from the Sad Wings Of Destiny album. Apart from Judas Priest, Ian Hill has never recorded with anyone outside of the band until now! Reloaded also features a bonus track that is an excerpt of a guitar solo from the Judas Priest demo featuring Ian Hill on bass and KK Downing on guitar - a never heard treat for all Judas Priest fanatics. Demon Deceiver is nothing like Judas Priest, but it is definitely a good, solid heavy metal album with just a hint of Iron Maiden and a fair splash of NWOBHM, plus some straight-forward rock and roll. This isn't just some nostalgic trip by a guy who's passed his prime, this is good, solid, heavy, working-class rock.

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