Al Jarreau

Al Jarreau: Original Album Series

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Artist: Al Jarreau

Artist: Al Jarreau
Title: Original Album Series

Import-only five CD set from the acclaimed Jazz vocalist containing a quintet of his original albums packaged in replica cardboard sleeves. Includes the albums: We Got By (1975), Glow (1976), All Fly Home (1978), This Time (1980) and Breakin' Away (1981). Rhino.

1.1 Spirit (LP Version)
1.2 We Got By (LP Version)
1.3 Susan's Song (LP Version)
1.4 You Don't See Me (LP Version)
1.5 Lock All the Gates (LP Version)
1.6 Raggedy Ann (LP Version)
1.7 Letter Perfect (LP Version)
1.8 Sweet Potato Pie (LP Version)
1.9 Aladdin's Lamp (LP Version)
2.1 Rainbow in Your Eyes (LP Version)
2.2 Your Song (LP Version)
2.3 Agua de Beber (LP Version)
2.4 Have You Seen the Child (LP Version)
2.5 Hold on Me (LP Version)
2.6 Fire and Rain (LP Version)
2.7 Somebody's Watching You (LP Version)
2.8 Milwaukee (LP Version)
2.9 Glow (LP Version)
3.1 Thinkin' About It Too (LP Version)
3.2 I'm Home (LP Version)
3.3 Brite N' Sunny Babe (LP Version)
3.4 I Do (LP Version)
3.5 Fly (LP Version)
3.6 Wait a Little While (LP Version)
3.7 She's Leaving Home (LP Version)
3.8 All (LP Version)
3.9 (Sittin' on) the Dock of the Bay (LP Version)
4.1 Never Givin' Up (LP Version)
4.2 Gimmie What You Got (LP Version)
4.3 Love Is Real (LP Version)
4.4 Alonzo (LP Version)
4.5 (If I Could Only) Change Your Mind (LP Version)
4.6 Spain (I Can Recall) (LP Version)
4.7 Distracted (LP Version)
4.8 Your Sweet Love (LP Version)
4.9 (A Rhyme) This Time (LP Version)
5.1 Closer to Your Love (LP Version)
5.2 My Old Friend (LP Version)
5.3 We're in This Love Together (LP Version)
5.4 Easy (LP Version)
5.5 Our Love (LP Version)
5.6 Breakin' Away (LP Version)
5.7 Roof Garden (LP Version)
5.8 (Round, Round, Round) Blue Rondo a la Turk (LP Version)
5.9 Teach Me Tonight (LP Version)

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