Alan Doyle

Alan Doyle: So Let's Go

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Alan Doyle

Title: So Let's Go
Label: Unv

Alan Doyle, actor, producer, newly-minted best-selling author, and lead singer for Great Big Sea these past 20+ years, is set to release his second solo album, So Let's Go. Made in collaboration with Thomas 'Tawgs' Salter (Lights, Walk Off The Earth), Jerrod Bettis (Adele, Serena Ryder), Gordie Sampson (Keith Urban, Willie Nelson), and Joe Zook (OneRepublic, Katy Perry), So Let's Go follows Doyle's first solo outing, Boy On Bridge. "If there's an over-arching theme on this record, it's one of optimism. Not that this is in contrast to my previous doom-laden songs!" laughs Doyle, who says this album is freer than Boy On Bridge in the respect of being open to all influences. The album's eponymous song is consistent with Alan Doyle's ethos: we're lucky to be here so let's make the most of it. This spirit also infuses the heartfelt Take Us Home while Sins of a Saturday Night celebrates a come-what-may approach.

1.1 So Let's Go
1.2 I Can't Dance Without You
1.3 The Night Loves Us
1.4 Laying Down to Perish
1.5 My Kingdom
1.6 1, 2, 3, 4
1.7 Stay
1.8 Sins of Saturday Night
1.9 Shine on
1.10 Take Us Home

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