Alan Evans Trio

Alan Evans Trio: Elephant Head

$24.06 $27.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Alan Evans Trio

Title: Elephant Head
Label: Vintage League Music
Product Type: VINYL LP

After the huge success of their last album 'The Wild Root' Alan Evans Trio (Ae3) returns with a brand new album release - 'Elephant Head'. Elephant Head is an epic instrumental album of cinematic funk, in the pocket grooves, and infectious melodies. The album as a whole evokes a classic groovy vintage movie soundtrack. It also features virtuoso playing from all three band members. The band features Alan Evans of Soulive, Danny Mayer and Kris Yunker.

1.1 Route 68
1.2 Book It
1.3 Elephant Head
1.4 Sunset Trails
1.5 Midnight Rage
1.6 Strangest Thing
1.7 The Hitchhiker
1.8 Birth of Peace

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