Alan Price

Alan Price: Between Today & Yesterday: Remastered & Expanded Edition

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Alan Price

Title: Between Today & Yesterday: Remastered & Expanded Edition
Label: Esoteric

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the 1974 album Between Today & Yesterday by the celebrated musician Alan Price. First coming to prominence as a founding member and keyboard player of The Animals, Alan Price embarked on a solo career following his departure from the group in 1965. By the early 1970s, he had adapted his musical approach to one of insightful and intelligent social commentary. His musical score for Lindsay Anderson's classic 1973 film O Lucky Man! And the resulting soundtrack album gained him much critical praise. Whilst O Lucky Man! #was acerbic in it's commentary, it was with Price's 1974 album Between Today & Yesterday that he took this one stage further (earning a UK album chart position in the process). A loosely conceptual work, the album was divided between songs reflecting "Yesterday" on one side and "Today" on the other, drawing on musical influences as wide as rock, blues and music hall. On works such as 'Left Over People' and 'In Times Like These' Price reflected on social commentary equal to anything written by his contemporary Ray Davies, but it was the track 'Jarrow Song' that saw Price capture this perfectly. The album's second side was equally inciteful, particularly the superb 'You're Telling Me' and the album's title track. Between Today & Yesterday is now regarded as the finest of Alan Price's solo works.

1.1 Left Over People
1.2 Away Away
1.3 Between Today And Yesterday
1.4 In Times Like These
1.5 Under The Sun
1.6 Jarrow Song
1.7 City Lights
1.8 Look At My Face
1.9 Angel Eyes
1.10 You’re Telling Me
1.11 Dream Of Delight
1.12 Between Today And Yesterday
1.13 Jarrow Song (Single Version)
1.14 In Times Like These (Single Version)

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