Alastair Willis: Amahl & the Night Visitors

Alastair Willis: Amahl & the Night Visitors
Title: Amahl & the Night Visitors
Label: Naxos American

Menotti' Amahl and the Night Visitors, the first opera written for television, enjoys more than five hundred performances annually around the world and is immensely popular with amateur groups. A crippled boy, Amahl, and his mother are visited.

1.1 Amahl! Amahl!
1.2 Oh, Mother, You Should Go Out and See!
1.3 Stop Bothering Me!
1.4 Poor Amahl! Hunger Has Gone to Your Head
1.5 Don't Cry, Mother Dear
1.6 From Far Away We Come
1.7 Amahl... Yes, Mother
1.8 Good Evening! Good Evening!
1.9 Come in, Come in!
1.10 Are You a Real King?
1.11 This Is My Box
1.12 Amahl, I Told You Not to Be a Nuisance!
1.13 Oh, Dear, Beautiful Things
1.14 Have You Seen a Child
1.15 Shepherds! Shepherdesses!
1.16 Emily! Emily!
1.17 Olives and Quinces
1.18 Shepherds' Dance
1.19 Thank You, Good Friends
1.20 All That Gold!
1.21 Thief! Thief!
1.22 Don't You Dare!
1.23 Oh, Woman, You May Keep the Gold
1.24 Oh, No, Wait... Take Back Your Gold!
1.25 I Walk, Mother!
1.26 Do You Really Want to Go?
1.27 Shepherds, Arise!

Alastair Willis: Amahl & the Night Visitors

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