Alborosie: Soul Pirate - Acoustic [CD+DVD]

Alborosie: Soul Pirate - Acoustic [CD+DVD]
Title: Soul Pirate - Acoustic [CD+DVD]
Label: Geejam Music

Deluxe CD/DVD digipack edition features the CD album and a bonus DVD featuring music videos from the sessions together with in-depth interviews with Alborosie. 2018 release. Hot reggae singer, Alborosie's acoustic sessions recorded live from Shengen Studio, Kingston, Jamaica. "This album is about my livity, and my spiritual guide which is Haile Selassie so I want to be faithful to that. We're all one family, one love, one heart, one destination" - Alborosie. These acoustic sessions include his classic songs 'Kingston Town', 'Still Blazing', 'Herbalist', 'Diversity', and a new recording of 'Johhny B. Goode'.

1.1 Diversity
1.2 Herbalist
1.3 Black Woman
1.4 Police
1.5 Still Blazing
1.6 Kingston Town
1.7 Rastafari Anthem
1.8 Kingdom of Zion
1.9 Johnny B. Goode
2.1 Black Woman
2.2 Diversity
2.3 Herbalist
2.4 Kingston Town
2.5 Police
2.6 Rastafari Anthem
2.7 Still Blazing

Alborosie: Soul Pirate - Acoustic [CD+DVD]

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