Alex Clare: Lateness of the Hour

Alex Clare: Lateness of the Hour
Title: Lateness of the Hour
Label: Island

Limited edition includes on bonus track: A cover of the Prince classic 'When Doves Cry'. 2012 album from the British singer/songwriter. Produced by Diplo [M.I.A., Madonna], Too Close is a potent and powerful anthem that properly introduces the world to this enigmatic singer and songwriter. It elegantly fuses pop, electronic, and garage with tangible touches of soul. The song's thumping bass morphs into a dubstep-infused break as CLARE elegantly croons an irresistible refrain. That chorus echoes a myriad of feelings, and it's already resonating with the world. Given it's poignant heft and vivid lyrics, the track proved to be the perfect companion for Microsoft's new advertisement about Internet Explorer's ability to connect people.

1.1 Up All Night
1.2 Treading Water
1.3 Relax My Beloved
1.4 Too Close
1.5 When Doves Cry
1.6 Humming Bird
1.7 Hands Are Clever
1.8 Tight Rope
1.9 Whispering
1.10 I Love You
1.11 Sanctuary
1.12 I Won't Let You Down

Alex Clare: Lateness of the Hour

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