Alex Monk

Alex Monk: Safety Machine

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Artist: Alex Monk

Artist: Alex Monk
Title: Safety Machine
Product Type: VINYL LP

2010 release. Drenched in a frozen, hypnotic melancholy, the Safety Machine is a double-LP tour de force by London-based musician and producer Alex Monk. Incorporating '70s kraut-synth psychedelia, cosmic ambient drones, and haunting melodies into an ambitious framework of multi-layered sonic bleakness with hints of early Eno, Klaus Schultze, Robert Wyatt, and Moondog. Monk creates a world that's filled with loss, loneliness, and ethereal beauty - staring into the abyss while the icecaps are hugging your skull... Hand-numbered edition of 310 with a screen-printed open sleeve. Includes MP3 download voucher.

1.1 Masks Survive
1.2 All My Voices
1.3 Much Further Out Than You Thought
1.4 Walking with Beatrice
1.5 Cabiria
1.6 Light Seperation
1.7 The Ocean You Chose
2.1 Spiders
2.2 Crossing
2.3 Sammy's Song
2.4 I Can Hear Your Heart Through the Breeze
2.5 Vathek
2.6 1000 Ships to the Next Life

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