Alexander Turnquist

Alexander Turnquist: Flying Fantasy

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Artist: Alexander Turnquist
Title: Flying Fantasy
Product Type: VINYL LP

As an accomplished 12-string guitarist/composer, Alexander Turnquist's latest full-length Flying Fantasy confirms the idea that out of great hardship can come great art. As he wrote the material for the new album it became clear that his sensitivity had sharpened, his empathy magnified, and his sense of purpose blossomed. The unfortunate circumstances he endured ostensibly forced his metamorphosis from a remarkable guitar player to a truly great composer. Much like the butterflies that adorn the album cover, he seems to have changed form and taken flight.

1.1 House of Insomniacs
1.2 Finding the Butterfly
1.3 Wildflower
1.4 Red Carousel
1.5 Flying Fantasy
1.6 Cloud Slicing

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