Alexander Turnquist

Alexander Turnquist: Hallway of Mirrors

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Hallway of Mirrors
Label: VHF Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2011 release from the New York-based guitarist/composer. On Hallway of Mirrors, Turnquist continues to forge his own radical style: A resonant and enveloping acoustic sound, full of beautiful harmonic overtone interplay, all instruments sustained. Turnquist's guitar approach revolves around a prodigious right-hand technique and a minimalist slant on composition that separates him from the retro-styling endemic to most current acoustic guitar music.

1.1 Running Towards
1.2 Hallway of Mirrors
1.3 Spherical Aberrations
1.4 Waiting at the Departure Gate
1.5 Running from

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