Alexander Walker

Alexander Walker: Symphonies Nos. 22-24 / English Suite No. 1

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Artist: Alexander Walker
Title: Symphonies Nos. 22-24 / English Suite No. 1

During the remarkable and prolific period between his 72nd and 92nd birthdays, Havergal Brian wrote no fewer than 27 symphonies. Some seem to fall into groups, such as Nos. 22-24, all written within a nine-month period between 1964 and 1965. They all share a concern for march-rhythms, changeable moods and developing variation. No. 22 is Brian's shortest symphony and exemplifies his art in it's most compressed, nocturnal form, whereas No. 23 offers a more extrovertly scored and expansive scale. No. 24 provides the triumphant rejoicing that ends the trilogy. Influenced by Tchaikovsky, the 1906 English Suite No. 1 nevertheless hints at Brian's sonic experiments to come.

1.1 Maestoso E Ritmico
1.2 Tempo Di Marcia E Ritmico
1.3 Moderato
1.4 Adagio Non Troppo Ma Pesante
1.5 Symphony No. 24 in D Major
1.6 Characteristic March
1.7 Valse
1.8 Under the Bench Tree
1.9 Interlude
1.10 Hymn
1.11 Carnival

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