Alexandre Tharaud

Alexandre Tharaud: Sonatas

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Artist: Alexandre Tharaud
Title: Sonatas

Scarlatti: Sonatas / Alexandre Tharaud, Composer: Domenico Scarlatti, Performer: Alexandre Tharaud, Number of Discs: 1. Full marks to Tharaud for electing to play the ubiquitous E major sonata K380 which has been recorded both by Horowitz and by Clara Haskil's fellow countryman, Dinu Lipatti. Tharaud's performance is beautifully manicured and expressive and the ornamentation is exquisite. The recital concludes with the D minor sonata K9 which is artfully judged and playful with some delicate ornamentation and deft rubato. Overall, this is an absolutely superb piano recital and a glorious addition to the Scarlatti discography.

1.1 Sonata in F minor, KK.239 3:36
1.2 Sonata in a Major, KK.208 4:15
1.3 Sonata in C Major, KK.72 2:03
1.4 Sonata in G minor, KK.8 4:54
1.5 Sonata in D Major, KK.29 4:33
1.6 Sonata in C Major, KK.132 7:38
1.7 Sonata in D Major, KK.430 3:17
1.8 Sonata in C Major, KK.20 4:16
1.9 Sonata in F minor, KK.481 5:56
1.10 Sonata in C Major, KK.514 2:34
1.11 Sonata in D minor, KK.64 1:59
1.12 Sonata in D minor, KK.32 2:48
1.13 Sonata in D minor, KK.141 3:38
1.14 Sonata in B Flat Major, KK.472 3:34
1.15 Sonata in a Minor, KK.3 2:31
1.16 Sonata in E Major, KK.380 5:22
1.17 Sonata in G Major, KK.431 0:44
1.18 Sonata in D minor, KK. 9 4:18

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