Ethiopiques 28

Ethiopiques 28: Ethiopiques 28: Great Oromo Music

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ethiopiques 28

Title: Ethiopiques 28: Great Oromo Music
Label: Buda Musique

For a long time downplayed and deprived of any recognition whatsoever, oromo music is one of the liveliest Ethiopian musical traditions. "This album pays tribute to Ali Birra, the man in whom Oromo music has irrepressibly affirmed itself since the 1960s. A very unusual groove, a relentless quest for identity and, on top of that, a guitar style that would stand out anywhere

1.1 Awash, Pt. 1
1.2 Kan Ati Fettun Isani Infedhani
1.3 Nagatti Si Jedha
1.4 Imiman Jalaala
1.5 Eshurruru
1.6 Waa Silleen Indarauu
1.7 Awash, Pt. 2
1.8 Eessaati Si Argaa
1.9 Si Jaalallee, Pt. 1
1.10 Abbaa Lafa
1.11 Inyaadi'ini
1.12 Si Inhanbisin Warri
1.13 Yaa Hundee Bareedaa
1.14 Awash, Pt. 3
1.15 Si Jaalallee, Pt. 2

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