Alice Pierot

Alice Pierot: Mystery Sonatas

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Alice Pierot

Title: Mystery Sonatas
Label: Alpha Productions

1.1 The Annunciation
1.2 The Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth
1.3 The Nativity
1.4 The Presentation at the Temple
1.5 Finding Jesus in the Temple
1.6 Agony in the Garden
1.7 The Scourging at the Pillar
1.8 The Crown of Thorns
2.1 The Carrying of the Cross
2.2 The Crucifixion
2.3 The Resurrection
2.4 The Ascension
2.5 The Descent of the Holy Spirit
2.6 The Assumption of Mary
2.7 The Coronation of Mary
2.8 The Guardian Angel

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