Alkaline Trio

Alkaline Trio: Damnesia

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Artist: Alkaline Trio

Artist: Alkaline Trio
Title: Damnesia

It's been 13 years since Alkaline Trio released their first full-length album, GODDAMNIT. In that time, they've toured the world, sold over a million records, and expanded their sound radically beyond their original straight-ahead punk style. Now comes an amazing retrospective of those 13 years, DAMNESIA, as ALK3 takes to the studio to record acoustic versions of 13 fan favorites and 2 new songs.

1.1 Calling All Skeletons
1.2 Nose Over Tail
1.3 This Could Be Love
1.4 Every Thug Needs a Lady
1.5 Clavicle
1.6 Mercy Me
1.7 The American Scream
1.8 We've Had Enough
1.9 Olde English 800
1.10 I Held Her in My Arms
1.11 Blue in the Face
1.12 I Remember a Rooftop
1.13 Private Eye
1.14 You've Got So Far to Go
1.15 Radio

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