All Aboard the Cn Express: Rock Steady & Boss

All Aboard the Cn Express: Rock Steady & Boss: All Aboard The C.N. Express: Rock Steady & Boss Reggae Sounds1967-1968 / Various

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Title: All Aboard The C.N. Express: Rock Steady & Boss Reggae Sounds1967-1968 / Various
Label: Doctor Bird

2020 collection. Having previously showcased Clancy Eccles' output from 1969 and 1970 on Freedom & Fire Corner and Foolish Fool & Herbsman Reggae, the music-maker's influential rock steady and proto-reggae recordings provide the focus for this collection. Recorded between mid-1967 and late 1968, the tracks range from major Jamaican hits to painfully rare obscurities, performed by an equally diverse assortment of performers that include virtual unknowns alongside such eminent artists as Alton Ellis, Eric 'Monty' Morris, Ernest Ranglin and Eccles's long-standing friend and associate, Lee 'Scratch' Perry. With 17 tracks unavailable on any format for decades, this fascinating compilation is a must for fans of rock steady and boss reggae, with the set superbly demonstrating the ever-developing sound of Jamaican music over a period now widely regarded as the most compelling in it's history.

1.1 Say What You're Saying - Eric 'Monty' Morris
1.2 You Think I'm a Fool - Hemsley Morris
1.3 Hey Mama - Lee Perry
1.4 Easy Snappin' - Theo Beckford
1.5 Old Man Say - the Silverstars
1.6 Feeling Inside - Alton Ellis ; the Flames
1.7 Tears in Your Eyes - Eric 'Monty' Morris
1.8 Western Organ - the Clancy Set
1.9 Stay Loose - Hemsley Morris
1.10 Terrible Headache - the Coolers
1.11 Love Brother Love - Hugh Malcolm
1.12 You Were Meant for Me - Lee Perry
1.13 I'll Hold You Tight - Velma Jones
1.14 Mother's Reply - Lyn Taitt ; the Jets
1.15 My Lonely Days - Eric 'Monty' Morris
1.16 Please Stay - Larry ; Alvin
1.17 Mother's Advice - the Inspirations
1.18 No Good Girl - the Mellotones
1.19 Bye Bye Love - Alton Ellis
1.20 C. N. Express - Clancy's All Stars
1.21 Bad Minded People - Errol Dunkley
1.22 Let Us Be Lovers - Velma ; Clancy
1.23 Birds of the Air - the Coolers
1.24 Simple Simon - Eric 'Monty' Morris
1.25 Promises - the Silverstars
1.26 Heart Beat (Aka Heartbeat) - Ernest Ranglin

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