All Time Low: Put Up or Shut Up

All Time Low: Put Up or Shut Up
Title: Put Up or Shut Up
Label: Hopeless Records

All Time Low, just graduating from high school, regularly sell out packed houses in Maryland and spent the summer of 2005 touring nationally. The goal of this EP is to expand their national fan base and set them up for the full-length debut. The focus track, "Break Out! Break Out!" is featured on Hopelessly Devoted 6. "All Time Low has the potential to be the next Cartel or the Academy Is... Say hello to your new favorite pop-punk band."

1.1 Coffee Shop Soundtrack
1.2 Break Out! Break Out!
1.3 The Girl's a Straight-Up Hustler
1.4 Jasey Rae
1.5 The Party Scene
1.6 Running from Lions
1.7 Lullabies

All Time Low: Put Up or Shut Up

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