Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg: Lion for Real

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Artist: Allen Ginsberg

Artist: Allen Ginsberg
Title: Lion for Real

Poet Allen Ginsberg was recently eulogized in the New York Times as "poet laureate of the Beat Generation whose 'Howl!' became a manifesto for the sexual revolution..." the Lion for Real's original 1989 release garnered a 4-star review in Rolling Stone and features production by Hal Willner and a cast of stars including Bob Dylan, the Clash, Ornette Coleman, Bill Frisell, Arto Lindsay and others. Cited by many as his best album, this reissue follows Ginsberg's fall release of the Ballad of the Skeletons EP (also a favorite MTV music video).

1.1 Scribble
1.2 Complaint of the Skeleton to Time
1.3 Xmas Gift
1.4 To Aunt Rose
1.5 The Lion for Real
1.6 Refrain
1.7 The Shrouded Stranger
1.8 Gregory Corso's Story
1.9 Cleveland, the Flats
1.10 The End
1.11 Stanzas: Written at Night in Radio City
1.12 Sunset
1.13 Hum Bom!
1.14 Kral Majales
1.15 Guru
1.16 Ode to Failure
1.17 C'mon Jack

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