Alvarius B.: Chin Spirits (Durga)

Alvarius B.: Chin Spirits (Durga)
Title: Chin Spirits (Durga)
Label: Unrock
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Unrock's Saraswati series continues with a trip into the spiritual wonderland of Alvarius B. aka Alan Bishop (Sun City Girls, Invisible Hands). Deep down, heavy, Sun-City-Girls-flavored Dada deluxe. Crackling midgets, purist psychedelia. A cocoon of seven colorful, shiny monoliths of essential nonsense, each dirty pearl standing by itself. Limited edition one-time pressing.

1.1 There's a Jackson in Your Whitehouse
1.2 Stingwray
1.3 Toniqa
1.4 The De-Tuning Lounge
2.1 Castle Dwarf, Daughter of Bruno
2.2 Old Orange and His Cousin
2.3 Lighthouse Migraine
2.4 Chin Spirits

Alvarius B.: Chin Spirits (Durga)

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