Amanda Baisinger

Amanda Baisinger: Stillness

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Title: Stillness
Label: CD Baby

Amanda Baisinger is a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter and the first place winner of the 2012 USA Yoga NY Regional Yoga Asana Championship. Baisinger has been teaching Bikram yoga in Manhattan and Brooklyn since 2009. This music is meant to bridge the gap between her song-writing, her love for jazz and her attempt to connect to a deeper sense of inner peace, and stillness. "Wherever you go in the midst of movement and activity, carry your stillness within you." Deepak Chopra Here is a review from CD Baby of her last release: "With stunningly smoky vocals reminiscent of Paula Cole, the lilt of Joni Mitchell and the lush, jazzy warmth of Norah Jones, Amanda Baisinger enchants her listeners with a combination of elegance, emotion and sophisticated artistry. Her voice slides gently over languid melodies, the resonance filling in all the little pockets of harmony that dances between pop, jazz and folk. Always, there is a beautiful, exquisite haze that fills the air when her music begins.' -- CD Baby.

1.1 Solitude
1.2 Zither
1.3 Saguaro
1.4 The Walrus
1.5 Bouncing Forks
1.6 Ping Pong
1.7 Snow
1.8 Prayer Bowl
1.9 Gong and Gamelan
1.10 Breath
1.11 Stillness
1.12 Jupiter

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