Amaranthe: Massive Addictive

Amaranthe: Massive Addictive
Title: Massive Addictive
Label: Spinefarm

2014 release, the third album from the Swedish band. As per the band's custom this album was tracked at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark with the sound sorcerer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Epica.) at the helm. MASSIVE ADDICTIVE features some of the best Amaranthe material to date. In addition to the divine duality of pulsating beats and melodic pop choruses both of which we're accustomed to hear from them, rejuvenated Amaranthe now caters to US further advanced dynamics, a cornucopia of celestial choruses and of course, sheer melodic bliss.

1.1 Dynamite
1.2 Drop Dead Cynical
1.3 Trinity
1.4 Massive Addictive
1.5 Digital World
1.6 True
1.7 Unreal
1.8 Over and Done
1.9 Danger Zone
1.10 Skyline
1.11 An Ordinary Abnormality
1.12 Exhale

Amaranthe: Massive Addictive

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