Amazing Blondel: Dead / Live in Transylvania

Amazing Blondel: Dead / Live in Transylvania
Title: Dead / Live in Transylvania
Label: Talking Elephant

Import live archive release from the veteran British Folk/Pop band. One of England's most unusual Rock outfits of the 1970s, Amazing Blondel are a trio whose members play instruments dating from medieval to Elizabethan times, and songs styled to those periods. Blondel reformed in the late 90's to record and tour their new album Restoration. Here we have the band leading up to the Millennium with a concert from Transylvania featuring music from the band's classic albums as well as tracks from Restoration. Talking Elephant.

1.1 To Ye
1.2 Seascape
1.3 Cawdor and Widdershins
1.4 Under the Greenwood Tree
1.5 Celestial Lights
1.6 Sailing
1.7 Interlude
1.8 Spring Season
1.9 Pavan
1.10 Bendictus Es Domine
1.11 Shepherd's Song/Weavers Market
1.12 Willowood

Amazing Blondel: Dead / Live in Transylvania

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