Amon Tobin

Amon Tobin: Isam

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Artist: Amon Tobin

Artist: Amon Tobin
Title: Isam

Re-drawing and blurring the lines between psychedelia and sci-fi, between art and entertainment, between sound design and melody, Amon Tobin has created the finest, most intense work of his very considerable career with his new release ISAM, an extension and refinement of everything he has achieved thus far, a crowning achievement in the process that he describes as "re-ordering the things around me".

1.1 Journeyman
1.2 Piece of Paper
1.3 Goto10
1.4 Surge
1.5 Lost ; Found
1.6 Wooden Toy
1.7 Mass ; Spring
1.8 Calculate
1.9 Kitty Cat
1.10 Bedtime Stories
1.11 Night Swim
1.12 Dropped from the Sky

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