Amor De Días

Amor De Días: Street of the Love of Days

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Artist: Amor De Días

Artist: Amor De Días
Title: Street of the Love of Days

Amor de Dmas is the supergroup formed by Alasdair MacLean of the Clientele and Lupe Nzqez-Fernandez of Pipas. Over the course of three years, they quietly put together their debut record during evenings and weekends as they called in local friends (Louis Philippe) and visiting musicians (Damon and Naomi, Gary Olson) for sessions, building up the songs' multifaceted arrangements and vocal harmonies with harps, bouzoukis, strings, recorders, and brass over the core of dual Spanish guitars and the dream imagery of their bilingual lyrics.

1.1 Foxes Song
1.2 House of Flint
1.3 Bunhill Fields
1.4 Season of Light
1.5 Late Mornings
1.6 Harvest Time
1.7 Dream (Dead Hands)
1.8 I See Your Face
1.9 Stone
1.10 Street of the Love of Days
1.11 Birds
1.12 Touchstone
1.13 Wandering
1.14 Wild Winter Trees
1.15 Foxes Song (Reprise)

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