Amps for Christ: Every Eleven Seconds

Amps for Christ: Every Eleven Seconds
Title: Every Eleven Seconds
Label: 5 Rue Christine

Amps for Christ was founded by Barnes, guitarist and electronics wizard of Man Is the Bastard and co-founder of Bastard Noise. Barnes has been building and playing stringed instruments, tube oscillators, and caveman electronics in his home sound laboratories most of his life. His unparalleled background is what creates Amps for Christ's radically distinctive sound. "Every Eleven Seconds" is different from all other AFC albums, while retaining a folk-core tradition - exploring pure energy forms and varied influences. This record is an expression of Barnes' interests (time travel, wave theory, human politics, etc.) and reflects his evolution as well as that of the band's.

1.1 Augmented/Demented
1.2 Cock O' the North
1.3 Out on the Moon (Slight Return)
1.4 Thompson Hunter
1.5 Violated
1.6 El Corazon de San Vicente
1.7 I Hate This Dumpster
1.8 Shiploaf
1.9 Scotland the Brave
1.10 Proof Man
1.11 The Crossing
1.12 Chorus
1.13 Sweet Dove
1.14 W I B
1.15 Monkeys Gone Wild

Amps for Christ: Every Eleven Seconds

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