Amyl & Sniffers

Amyl & Sniffers: Comfort To Me

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Amyl & Sniffers

Title: Comfort To Me
Label: Ato Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

"I've got plenty of energy, it's my currency" sings Amy Taylor on the opening track of Comfort To Me, the latest from Amyl and The Sniffers. After their self-titled 2019 debut, the band conquered the world one club and festival at a time. Comfort To Me fully captures the chaotic energy of their unrelenting, jaw-dropping live show which The Guardian declared the "most exhilarating rock n' roll show I've seen in years." LP Packaging: Standard Black Vinyl

1.1 Guided By Angels
1.2 Freaks to the Front
1.3 Choices
1.4 Security
1.5 Hertz
1.6 No More Tears
1.7 Maggot
1.8 Capital
1.9 Don't Fence Me in
1.10 Knifey
1.11 Don't Need a CNNT (Like You to Love Me)
1.12 Laughing
1.13 Snakes

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